Courses Overview

HIBERNATE is a very powerful aspect of advanced JAVA which brings about the maps the Object Oriented features of JAVA with relational model. This course at Cosmo InfoSolutions would train you to design application using Hibernate concepts, learn and understand the use of important Hibernate capabilities, its strengths and combine it with Spring Framework. Spring Framework is a type of application framework that can be used to create high performing, reusable code without any lock-in. Spring makes development of J2EE easier. Therefore those who have mastered J2EE should take up this course as next logical step. Cosmo InfoSolutions does not make it mandatory to be through with J2EE but knowledge would aid in better understanding of the concepts. This course is popular among those into developing JAVA application, architects, programmers, engineers, managers and those into development or integration of complex enterprise-level Java applications.The JAVA HIBERNATE SPRING course at Cosmo InfoSolutions gives the participant in-depth coverage and lots of practical exercises to understand the technology and make the best use of it in real time situations. The course is designed by our experts who have mastered the technology. The consultants teaching the courses have hands on experience on this technology. This spectacular combination ensures that the students are job ready when they pass out of the course.

  • Serialization 2
  • XML2Object
  • Oiented Database system
  • Working with maps
  • Mapping
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Hibernate configuration
  • Hibernate's Support for Other Technologies
  • Installing Hibernate
  • A "Hello world" stand alone application
  • Servlet–Based Hibernate application
  • Mapping a basic Java Class
  • Mapping a Class with Binary Data
  • Mapping a Serializable Class
  • Mapping a class with Data/ calendar attributes
  • Mapping a Read-only class
  • Mapping a class using Versioning /Timestamps
  • Table-Per –class Hierarchy Mapping
  • Table-Per –subclass Hierarchy Mapping
  • Table-Per –concrete-subclass Hierarchy Mapping
  • Persistence interfaces
  • Defining a package
  • Understanding CLASSPATH
  • Access Protection
  • Importing packages
  • Defining and Implementing interfaces
  • Anonymous classes
  • Abstract classes Vs Interfaces
  • Adapter classes
  • Associations
  • Lazy initialization
  • Mapping Sets/Sorted Sets
  • Mapping lists
  • Mapping Arrays
  • Mapping a Bidirectional Association
  • Learning String Operation
  • Learning character Extraction
  • Learning string Comparison
  • Understanding string Buffer Classes
  • String builder class
  • Creating Immutable Class
  • Queries
  • Named Queries
  • SQL Queries
  • Hibernate Queries language
  • Setting Up a Session Factory Cache
  • Using the persistent Object cache
  • Setting Up EHcache
  • Configuration
  • Database support
  • Using Transactions
  • The Transactions API
  • Transaction Example Using Oracle
  • Locking
  • Introduction to XDoclet
  • Using XDOclet with Hibernate
  • Hibernate XDoclet Tags and description
  • Hibernator
  • HiberClipse
  • Hibernate synchronizer
  • Struts and Hibernate
  • Spring and Hibernate
  • Struts, Spring and Hibernate
  • Spring modules
  • Understanding dependency Injection
  • Applying aspect-oriented programming
  • Containing your Bean
  • Creating bean
  • Injecting into bean properties
  • Auto wiring
  • Controlling bean creation
  • Declaring parent and Child Bean
  • Applying method injection
  • Injecting Non-spring Beans
  • Registering Custom property editors
  • Introducing AOP
  • Creating classic spring aspects
  • Creating advice
  • Defining Pointcuts and Advisors
  • Using proxyFactory Bean
  • Datatype
  • autoproxying
  • Learning spring's data Access Philosphy
  • Configuring a data source
  • Using JDBC with Spring
  • Working with JDBC Templates
  • Using Spring's DAO Support Classes for JDBC
  • Integrating Hibernate with Spring
  • Caching
  • An overview of Spring remoting
  • Working with RMI
  • Remoting with Hessian and Burlap
  • Using Spring's Http Invoker
  • Spring and Web services
  • Introducing Spring-WS
  • Defining Contract (First!)
  • Handling messages with service endpoints
  • Wiring it all together
  • Consuming Spring-WS Web services
  • Wiring EJBs in Spring
  • Spring and EJB3
  • Getting started with Spring MVC
  • Mapping requests to controller
  • Handling request with controller
  • Handling exceptions
  • Using spring with struts
  • Registering the Spring plug-in with struts
  • Writing springware struts actions
  • What about struts 2?
  • Working Spring into webwork2 / struts 2

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